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We Deliver through Agile Methodology

Project Planning

Before beginning, the team understand the end goal, value to the client, and how it will be achieved
* We determine the project objectives and collect the requirements.
* Define the project scope on a work level.
* Identify and estimate dependencies between activities.
* Prepare the overall schedule and takes approval from client.
* Baseline the plan.

Product Roadmap Creation

Our plan of action for how a product or solution will evolve over time
* Team will develop a product backlog
* Will start building the individual features of the product
* Plan the product release
* Capture the client feedback
* Measure results regulary

Release Planning

We determine the desired outcome of one or more releases to maximize the chance of achieving it
* We establish clear and measurable goals
* Identify the target date for release
* Update the client about the release plan continuously

Sprint Planning

We share the load evenly among the team members to accomplish the assigned task during the sprint.
* We document our workflow for transparency
* Assist the task load and how it will be achieved
* We identify and remove the bottlenecks to ensure timely delivery

Daily Stand-ups

We ensure that stakeholders and team members stay on the same page about all the granular details
* We openly discuss issues or challenges and share critical information with required parties
* All team members are accountable for their part in a project
* Team sticks to the agenda, and prepares updates ahead of time to be discussed with the client

Sprint Review

We believe in keeping open communication with stakeholders about the finished product
* We inform the client about what went well and what could have been better during the sprint
* We talk about the task loads and accomplishments during the sprints
* We take the feedback and accordingly plan the further things

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Product was developed to allow fast and online acquisition of customers for small ticket sized loans(less than $1000).  Customer could onboard new business of roughly 200K customers in a period of six months time. Repeat business feature of the product allowed existing customers to re-apply and renew their loan for a new term. Credit appraisal process was 100% automated with integration with credit-appraisal agency(Equifax) and built in smart rules engine to filter out unwanted customers and screen-in prospective applications. Further the disbursal and collection was also fully automated with integration with different banks, payment gateways and UPI solutions. Signing of the loan agreement was also made online by e-signing agencies.

Mobile interface built in Flutter Development Kit allowed both iOS and Android customers to download the app and apply for new/re-apply for the loans. Backend was built in SpringBoot/Java using microservice based architecture and was deployed to aws cloud. 

Product aimed at providing customised solution for the healthcare industry to reduce operational costs by efficient scheduling and right staffing. Customer could acquire ~50+ new enterprise customers for the product because of its effectiveness, extensive fitment to healthcare industry and operational savings features. 

Product was developed with both web interface using ReactJS and mobile interface with Flutter software development kit. Backend of the solution leverages cloud native dockerized workloads built in micro service architecture leveraging SpringBoot and mysql RDS database deployed in aws cloud. Product integrates with several industry-specific punch-in and scheduling systems to give a holistic and seamless experience to end-user.

Product was built with keeping collaboration as the key success factor at work-place. This becomes more relevant with more and more companies adopting remote, hybrid approach at work place. 

Why choose Cloud Medley ?

• We believe that great communication helps ideas and feedback flow, which allows teams to better operate as a unit.

• Our craft is about evolving and innovating, so the more easily we can make ideas flow – the better we become.

• UX/UI skills are vital for building a product that would satisfy the most demanding users. That’s why specialists that uphold a user-centric approach at every step of the process have never been more essential.

Our Engagement Models

Conversational Bots

Knowledge Bots
Action Bots

Computer Vision Speech

Text Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Employee Sentiment Analysis
ML Based Data Analytics
Automated Email Routing
Fault Detection/Prediction
Image & Speech Analysis
Analyze Image Content
Speech Transcription

Robotic Process Automation

Business/IT Process Automation
Digitize Document
Automated User Provisioning

Our Engagement Models

Hire a dedicated team of tech professionals

Hire agile tech professionals as your internal resource teams for faster development & deployment.

Elevate staff for your projects

Get a team that is the unequivocal go-to for a technology, platform or approach for your development projects.

Personalise IT Projects

Evolve a custom technology solution that will be ready to use by the end of the engagement.

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