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Alex Grant

Alex Grant

Welcome, parents and students! I’m an enthusiastic primary-grade teacher dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. In our class, we embark on exciting adventures in reading, explore the wonders of numbers in math, and nurture essential social skills. Join me in fostering a love for learning and curiosity in your little ones!.

Categories: Math, Science, Programming
Amit T

Amit T

Hello, everyone! I’m Mr. Amit T, a dedicated 2nd-grade teacher with a passion for making learning engaging and memorable. In our classroom, we delve into the wonders of science, explore captivating literature, and strengthen foundational math skills. Join me on a journey of discovery and growth as we unlock the potential within each student!

Categories: Maths, English, Literature, History
Radha V Ganeshan

Radha V Ganeshan

I’m Ms. Radha V Ganeshan, an enthusiastic primary grade teacher bringing the wonders of Indian history and culture to your child. In our virtual classroom, we explore the vibrant tapestry of our diverse heritage, delve into Indian history, and strengthen foundational math skills. Join me on a global journey of discovery and cultural appreciation!.

Categories: History, Civics, Science
Anirban S

Anirban Singh

I’m Anirban Singh, a dedicated primary-grade teacher based in the vibrant National Capital Region of India. In our virtual classroom, we explore language and literature, dive into the beauty of Hindi, and build a strong foundation in basic math skills. Join me in creating an engaging and culturally enriching learning experience for your young ones!

Categories: Hindi, Mathematics, Music, Art, Drama

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